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Mirela lacerda
Dear Garance, I'd like to congratulate and thank you for such an inspiring book. I've finished reading it a couple weeks ago and I'm looking forward to meet you at Club Monaco London. Your honesty about your journey has been so inspirational to me and encouraged me to reactivated my blog as a portfolio to seek new opportunities here in london. I moved here from Brazil last year to pursue a ma course at london college of fashion (my dream) and now i'm in that awkward period of job hunting, trying to open my horizons professionally. Your interviews with diane von furstenberg, jenna lyons, drew barrymore and emmanuelle alt were particulary special because they gave great inputs on how i can get where i want! summing up, reading your sincere opinions on style, beauty, career and life made me laugh and lighten up! That' why i want to say thank you once again! See you in a few days! Kind regards, Mirela
RT @garancedore: Thank you for the #lovestylelife coverage @tropicult! /
RT @garancedore: Thank you for the #lovestylelife coverage @tropicult! /
Thank you for the #lovestylelife coverage @tropicult! /
Garance Doré, Salma Hayek, Mika à C À Vous.... >>>>>>> #cavous #lovestylelife
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