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@garancedore Special Delivery at My office today ! I'm so excited ! #LoveStyleLife ❤️📚
So this just arrived! Thank you @garancedore + @LOrealParisUSA for the #LoveStyleLife Beauty Essentials!
Just started reading #LoveStyleLife & I LOVE it! Now my dilemma is how to stop myself from finishing the book in one sitting! @garancedore ❤
Thank you Garance for being who you are! I'm grateful I met you in Montreal. Can't wait to read your book. I'd love to visit your team and studio when I'll be in NYC. To me, You truly are an inspiration as an entrepreneur. Like I told you my boyfriend and I just launch our new jewelry brand: the way i am ! Reading your blog gives me plenty of ideas and knowledge. If you ever want to share more tips on how to build a community like you do, I'd be thrilled to hear about it! Thank you, Marie-Pierre
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