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RT @garancedore: Next stop on the #LoveStyleLife book tour is #Montreal! Nov. 9th at @ClubMonaco from 6-8pm! #GDxCM /…
CNWFashion: The queen of #streetstyle garancedore will be at the ClubMonaco #Montreal this afternoon! #LoveStyleLife
The queen of #streetstyle @garancedore will be at the @ClubMonaco #Montreal this afternoon! #LoveStyleLife
Thankyou thankyou thankyou! YOur book gave me soooo much pleasure and i was amazed at some of the wisdom in it-some of it i have only just gained myself and i am 56!!!! your ability to share yourself through your writing is a gift garance - i feel so privileged to be part of that community. congratulations, all the agony was worth it to create what you have. so there you have it- a 56 year old australian married lady with two grown up girls and a wonderful career just loves your book and blog
love has passed through me, took many things when it's passing but left many power instead of what it took #LoveStyleLife
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