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Hi. I really like it in life when you have a lot on your mind about a certain topic and suddenly the universe starts putting people, places, opportunities in your path that provide clarity or that keep you in some kind of flow. in the spirit of new know...resolutions and all that..i've been working on a list of ways i want to feel this year (all based on desire mapping, a cool approach to life planning by canadian, danielle laporte), and "womanly" is one of the ways i want to feel. i've given so much thought the last few days about what that means..what does it feel like to feel womanly? and then, there it was...your book, this web page, which led me to your 4 interviews--all with women who talked so beautifully about confidence and authenticity and honest. the women were wonderful and inspiring, as are you. thank you, you know, for keeping me in the flow and all that. i look forward to the book. Congratulations and please do come to austin anytime.
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